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 I was bitten on my Birthday!

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PostSubject: I was bitten on my Birthday!   Tue Jun 29, 2010 6:10 pm

I first heard of twilight when my friend was reading it. She had suggested it to me and claimed it was an amazing book. I had heard from my brother also that it was very popular at his school and rumors had been flying about them making a movie out of it. I had begun to be very interested in the book before reading it, I was talking about how much I wanted to read it, but every time I almost bought it my brother convinced me not to. I only realized why he do so a few days later on my birthday when I opened my gifts and found twilight sitting very neatly in the wrapping paper thanks to my mom. I was ecstatic; I couldn’t wait to begin reading it. I finished twilight within two days and found myself in love with a very loving, intelligent, caring, sensitive, funny, HOT, fictional vampire named Edward Cullen. Not to mention his family was super nice too. So that’s when I was bitten, as soon as I could I bought New Moon and finished that within two days. I later found myself zipping through Eclipse and Breaking Dawn only to finish and then read them all again. By the time the first trailer came out I was nuts over Twilight.
-Micky study Very Happy
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PostSubject: hmmm   Tue Jun 29, 2010 6:48 pm

I was dragged into this kicking and screaming mby my child...enough
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I was bitten on my Birthday!
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