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 A backlash against Twilight? What are you talking about?

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PostSubject: A backlash against Twilight? What are you talking about?   Fri Jul 16, 2010 4:52 pm

While reading a recent article on IMdb.com I could not help but be just a little ticked at the topic. The article spoke out against Stephanie Meyer and Twilight, talking about how it is a useless book because it utilisses a protagonist who is weak and helpless. It goes on to say that it is a horrible idea to create bullying men as love interestes. Headed by the Feminist leaders of America, they are against the idea of a main character, such as Bella, being the weak person of the novel, which is an extreme understatement considering her circumstances and choices throughout the novel.

First of all, how can you call Bella weak when she is dealing with the fact that her boyfriend by choice is a vampire and her best friend by choice is a werewolf. Now she could have choosen not to have gotten involved in this at all by just not even being with Edward, therefore leaving Bella the same shy, weak girl she is in high school. But no, she choose to be with Edward. She choose to become a vampire even though she was warned that it was painful and hard because she had to leave and say goodbye to everyone she knows in the human world. That is a hard decission to make, especially by yourself since she couldn't tell anyone about her choice who was human. Throughout the whole Twilight series she had to make hard choices that prove Bella to be a headstrong, young woman. I hardly believe her to be the weak person that the Feminist movement wants everyone to play into.

Secondly, while there may be a fued between Jacob and Edward that can be tense at times I hardly believe Edward to be the bullying boyfriend that he is portrayed as in the eyes of the Feminist movement. If anything he sets an example of a good person thoughout the novel. He is always protective of Bella, which is a great example to everyone. Also, he is the one that wants Bella to have a better life, and if that means it is without him than that is okay. There is no argument you can present to me that would convince me that Edward is a bully. I'll admit that Jacob is a bit of a bully, but in his defense he is in a hard position. Sworn to his clan he has fallen in love with a girl who has madea decission to be with a vampire. And its not as if he doesn't do his best to protect Bella as well. He even leaves his clan so that he can protect both the vampires and the werewolfs.

Lastly, saying that Stephanie Meyer has created something useless is such a false statement it is rediculous. She pushed the envelope by writing Twilight. She gave the world something that they have never seen before and people love her for it. Also, if the Feminist movement believes that all female characters should be strong and not useless and weak as they portrey Bella than what has happened to imagination and diversity. I like a stong female character in certain situations but if that is all women will be portrayed as in novels you might as well not write the books.

While I could go on and on about this article I will just leave it at this. Twilight has become a global phenomenon. The title itself has become a household name that will not be forgotten. And Stephanie Meyer has become loved by the world.

Article: http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2010/jul/15/twilight-feminist-backlash-bella
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PostSubject: Re: A backlash against Twilight? What are you talking about?   Wed Jul 28, 2010 1:16 pm

If only the Feminist Movement spoke to the fans and understood how we see it.

We don't see edward as over protective or over bearring we see him as a caring man who is worried about the young women he loves.

We don't see Bella being weak and fragile. We see her as someone who was faced with a difficult situation and dove head first into the matter trying her best not to hurt people in the prosess. All she did was pursue the life she wanted. Even with the immense pain whether it be emotionl, verbal, or physical she new what it was that she wanted and was willing to put herself through that pain. I think her best moments that the Feminist movement need to look at was when she was pregnant with dear Renesme.

Everyone new she was in danger of losing her life and instead of giving up the baby like everyone wanted she preserved a beautiful baby life! Even though the baby while in the womb physically broke Bella, Bella still loved that child and went through the pain showing how strong she was. How about when she stood up to the Vulltouri , more than once, for her loved ones or when she cut herself in front of a blood thirsty vampire knowing full well that she just put her life in maximum danger to make sure the cullens and wolves won the battle against the new born army to save lives of seatle and forks? Bella is strong.

We don't see Jacob as...well im team edward so lol jk. Jacob only did what he thought was best. He wanted to protect Bella and he was sworn to protect humans no matter the circumstances! He only cared.


Feminist movement... do a little more research instead of watching the movies. We love Twilight and its characters.


lol! study I love you Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: A backlash against Twilight? What are you talking about?   Sun Aug 01, 2010 3:02 pm

-cough cough- being a Jacob fan maybe I can help relate. I see Jacob as being trustworthy and loyal in all his actions. He's a gentlemen who only cares for Bella's well being. He doesn't want to see her change into something that craves blood. Newborns can't control themselves and Jacob knows that. He doesn't want to see her suffer through not being able to control herself. He loves her and would do anything for her!

He is a sworn protector. He protects his tribe and local area. He values human life and doesn't want to see Bella give up on that.

He's a perfect gentlemen. That's how i see Jacob!
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PostSubject: Re: A backlash against Twilight? What are you talking about?   

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A backlash against Twilight? What are you talking about?
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