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 Edward's Bio

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Edward's Bio Edward-cullen-jack-portrait320x480

Full Name: Edward Anthony Masen Cullen

Date of Birth: June 20, 1901

Date of change to vampire: 1918

Originally from: Chicago, Illinois

Hair color: Bronze

Eye color: Originally green – Vampire gold/black

Height: 6’2”

Physical description: Lanky – not bulky. Boyish looking. Untidy hair.

Special talents: Mind reader

Occupation: Currently enrolled at Forks High School

Family members: Natural son of Edward and Elizabeth Masen – adopted son of Carlisle and Esme Cullen – brother to Alice and Emmett Cullen as well as Rosalie and Jasper Hale.

Source of change: Carlisle Cullen

Hobbies: Collects cars – plays piano

Car: Volvo S60R - silver, Aston Martin V12 – silver volvo

Personal history: Edward’s human life in Chicago was fairly happy and uneventful. His parents were moderately wealthy as his father was a successful lawyer. The biggest worry in his mother’s life was the fact that World War I was raging and Edward was only a year away from the draft, which had been lowered to 18 years of age in August of 1918.

By September of that same year, the influenza epidemic hit, claiming the lives of both of Edward’s parents and very nearly taking his own as well. His attending physician was Carlisle Cullen, who saved him by changing him into a vampire. It was Edward’s mother who requested Dr. Cullen save Edward. She seemed to “know” that Carlisle could save him in a special way and begged him to do it.

Since that time, Edward has passed as Carlisle’s adopted son or as the younger brother of his wife before the family grew to its current size. He has been to medical school twice, but never practiced. He loves driving fast and collects cars as a hobby.

From 1927 until 1931, Edward had a bout of rebellion and went off for a few years on his own away from Carlisle and Esme. He figured that he could drink off of humans if they were truly evil, using his special gifts to avoid the innocent. After a while, he couldn’t “escape the debt of so much human life taken, no matter how justified” and returned to Carlisle and Esme who welcomed him back with open arms.

Around 1936, Edward moved to Forks with his family where they encountered the Quileute Indians who have the ability to transform into werewolves. A treaty was arranged stating that the wolves would leave the Cullens alone so long as they didn’t bite any humans and stay off of the Quileute land. The Cullens lived in Forks for a few years before moving on to other places.

In 2003 the Cullens returned to Forks. Then in 2005 Edward met Isabella Swan. Her blood “sang” for him and he becamesinfatuated with her. She soon figureed out his secret and accepted him as a vampire. They fell in love despite innumerable odds. When Bella became the victim of a tracker named James, Edward was forced to drink her blood to stop the venom form spreading through her system.

Edward stayed with Bella until her disastrous 18th birthday party where he was forced to reevaluate the future of her life with him.He decided that Bella would be better off living a normal life without him and left Forks along with his family. He spent his time tracking Victoria all around the southern United States and even ventured into Mexico and South America. When he was told that Bella was dead, he traveled to Italy with the intention of committing suicide. Bella and Alice arrived in Italy in time to stop him. He convinced the Volturi to let them all return to Forks with the promise that Bella would be made a vampire.

The return to Forks meant the return to a normal routine between Edward and Bella. He agreed to change Bella as long as she would marry him. He was then reminded by Jacob Black that the treaty says he is forbidden to bite a human.

News reports came in shortly there after that alerted Edward and his family that a newborn vampire was loose in Seattle. This fact coupled with Bella’s desire to make amends with Jacob brought out the over protective side in Edward. He took her away to Florida to visit her mother and even had Alice “kidnap” Bella when he was away hunting. He did eventually allow Bella to see Jacob, concluding that it would better for her to see him safely than to try to escape off to see him.

When Edward picked up the scent of an unknown vampire having been in Bella’s bedroom, his concern lead to the prospect of battle with the newborns in Seattle Graduation came and Bella pointed out to Edward and the Cullens that she believed Victoria was the one creating the newborn in Seattle.This new information surprisingly brought an alliance between the Cullens and the Quileutes to not only protect Bella, but also stop the newborns from attacking anyone else. In order to calm Bella’s nerves about the attack, Edward agreed to sit the battle out and stay with her. Bella and Edward reached another compromise that she would marry him in exchange for them making love while she is still human.

Edward helped Bella set up the newborns by planting her scent in the field where the battle would happen. After an evening in cold watching Jacob sleep next to Bella to keep her warm he allowed Jacob and Bella to make their good-byes, which included a willing kiss from Bella. Bella assured Edward that she loves him more and wants to be with him forever. The battle ensued bringing Victoria and her personal helper, Riley, to the camp. Edward and Seth Clearwater killed them and burned them. When Jane and the Volturi arrived to clean up the mess, Edward tried to save a few of the newborns, but was unsuccessful.

After Bella said her final good-bye to Jacob, Edward went and collected her from her car and held her all night as she cried. In the morning Bella told Edward again that she has made her choice and that the time has come to enlist Alice’s help with their wedding. Later, against Bella’s request, Edward sent Jacob an invitation to the wedding along with his personal thanks for everything he ever did to protect and care for Bella.

source: http://thecullensliveforever.webs.com/edwardsbio.htm
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Edward's Bio
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