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 Rosalie's Bio

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PostSubject: Rosalie's Bio   Wed Jun 30, 2010 8:27 pm

Full Name: Rosalie Lillian Hale

Status: Vampire

Date of Birth: 1915

Date of change to vampire: 1933 – she was 18

Originally from: Rochester, New York

Hair color: Golden

Eye color: Vampire gold/black

Height: 5’9”

Physical description: Statuesque, model-like, wavy hair to the middle of her back

Personality traits: Tenacity

Occupation: Currently "in college"

Family members: Married to Emmett

Nick Names: Rosy or Rose

Source of change: Carlisle Cullen

Hobbies: Mechanical – tinkers with cars

Car: BMW M3 convertible – red

Personal history: To be explored in Eclipse – Rosalie was brought into the Cullen family as a companion for Edward in 1933. However, the two never responded to each other as anything other than a brother and sister. In 1935, Rosalie found Emmett being attacked by a bear and brought him to Carlisle to be saved. She has married Emmett publicly several times, as she is all about show and being fussed over. Rosalie’s true defining personal trait is her beauty. Like Emmett’s strength–they’re both more intensely physical than intellectual, which makes them a perfect match.

It is Rosalie who tells Edward that Bella is dead, and sets him off on a mission to kill himself. She later apologizes. She is also the only one of the Cullens who does not vote in favor of Bella becoming a vampire saying that it isn’t a choice she would have made for herself.

source: http://thecullensliveforever.webs.com/rosliesbio.htm
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Rosalie's Bio
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